A hub for water-related data and resources for the Upper Missouri Headwaters basin.

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the Region

The Missouri Headwaters Basin includes seven million acres of land tucked into the southwest corner of Montana. Miles of high-quality mountain fed waterways wind their way through rich agricultural valleys, rural communities, and rapidly expanding urban and business centers. Over 100,000 people live in this unique landscape with thousands more visiting from all over the world each year.

Data Tools

River Conditions Tool

This visualizer allows you to access data on real time stream conditions across the region.

Built with significant assistance from the US Fish & Wildlife Service

Conservation Prioritization Modeling Tool

The Missouri Headwaters Basin Conservation Prioritization tool is designed to help natural resource professionals identify and prioritize areas for conservation projects that will have the largest impact based on the confluence of both terrestrial and aquatic resources. The tool leverages data from aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, modeling applications, and a user-friendly interface to support the identification of priority areas for integrated watershed conservation and management.

Developed in collaboration with the Center for Large Landscape Conservation and Conservation Science Partners with financial support from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.


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